Grass-Fed Beef & Coral Coast Farm Practice


Our predominantly Black Angus cattle are bred and raised at the Home Farm on pastures near to the twin towns of Dongara Port Denison on Australia’s Coral Coast. Grazed on a mixture of annual and perennial grasses in large paddocks supplied with fresh clean underground water, they are grass-fed for their entire lives and meet the Australian PCAS standards for grass-fed cattle classification.
No artificial hormones are used for growth promotion and no antibiotics are used.

The Home Farm layout has been designed to focus on stress-free stock handling and the wagon-wheel layout of the paddocks enables easy rotation of cattle onto fresh grass and close access to fresh clean water at all times with a minimum of handling. Stockyards are purpose-built to ensure minimal stress and efficient operation during handling required for health checks and monitoring.

Historically the land had been developed for the rotation of wheat and sheep…..More recently it was discovered that by planting perennial grasses mixed with annual varieties in some sandplain areas, and re-establishing tree cover for shelter, a more productive and sustainable farming system could be created for the production of high-quality beef cattle.
Grass varieties include Seradella (which fixes Nitrogen in the soil), Rye, Gaton Panic and Rhodes.


These grazing systems also store or sequester carbon by increasing the amount of organic matter retained in the soil by increasing the biomass and limiting soil disturbance. While beef cattle are a source of greenhouse gas emissions, industry research has shown that these emissions can be reduced through improved diet, improved breeding efficiency, and the structure of the cattle herd. All of these initiatives have been embraced by the Home farm production system and thus Carbon sequestration contributes an offset to methane production.

Complimentary to our sustainable grazing system, herd management and low-stress handling, we have selected our key downstream providers with the objective of achieving the lowest stress and lowest food miles possible in delivering our quality grass-fed beef to you.

Stress-free growth, with minimum handling and transport stress, contributes to tender beef and enhanced eating experience. Our supply chain partners at Midwest Meat Processors and Northern Valley Butchers are key providers in guaranteeing our pathway of quality and provenance to you.

Tracebility: each animal has a unique identifier number allocated as a calf at about four weeks of age which is used to record its life journey. The barcode derivative of this number is provided to you on the Product Delivery Sheet as evidence of the provenance of the beef you have purchased.

ABOUT Coral Coast Beef

Coral Coast Beef is alliance between the family businesses of Avoca Farms (1978) and Fairville Beef (1995). The home farm is located on Australia’s Coral Coast near the twin towns of Dongara – Port Denison, not far from the famous wildflower trail to Mingenew and the Coalseam Conservation Park. It is the home of the breeding herd and production base for Coral Coast Grass-fed Beef.



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