Grass-Fed Beef & Coral Coast FAQs

  • Superior flavor, taste and eating experience
  • Nutritional values
    • Low fatty acids
    • Low cholesterol
    • More omega 3
  • Sustainable farming practice
  • Low food miles
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Confidence in product received
  • Authenticity of the production model
  • The product data sheet
  • We manage the entire pathway
  • Individual tracking by electronic ear tags
  • Ordering Grass-Fed Beef on a carcass basis is an economical way to purchase guaranteed grass-fed beef quality and provenance, saving up to 25%.
  • A typical whole grass-fed beef carcass varies from animal to animal in the range 180-220kg. You can order whole, half or quarters. The Beef is dry-aged for 7-10 days before breaking down into the various cuts ordered.
  • It is packed in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, chilled and boxed for handling and easy sharing. We have considered the practicality of sharing and splitting whole or part carcass orders with family and friends. It is, for this reason, we have chosen cryovac sealing of each portion in durable packaging for subsequent re-handling and freezing for storage if required.
  • From a “whole beast” carcass you can expect to receive a fair proportion of T-bone/sirloin, eye fillet, rump, round, topside, silverside, gravy beef, osso bucco, blade, oyster blade, chuck roast, brisket, rib fillet and spare ribs.
  • You also get mince, sausages, bones for soup and broth and pet dogs.

Founded in 1989, Slow Foods is a global grassroots organisation preventing the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions. They are also counteracting the rise of “fast life” and trying to get people to be more interested in the food they eat.

  • The top to tail nature of our purchasing model is in stark contrast to the cherry picking and market distortion of the most popular cuts offered
    elsewhere. We minimise waste and present you with all of the cuts (top to tail) including tips and recipes to extract the most pleasurable eating
  • Limit waste -overseas trends
  • Don’t cherry pick popular cuts

Grass-fed beef comes from cows that have a diet that consists mostly of grass while grain-fed beef is from cows that mostly consume manufactured grain. Grass-fed cows also have a much higher amount of vitamin A and vitamin E present.

  • we are Western Australian family owned primary producers
  • we guarantee provenance and grass-fed
  • we guarantee you will pay less than supermarket price for grass-beef
  • we are 25 -35% cheaper than quality grass-fed butchers
  • we have sustainable production system no clearing, land regeneration, carbon storage, methane reduced, low carbon miles
  • Various sizes to suit the family fridge/freezer
  • Neat420 x 300 x 180 box will fit most fridges
  • Cook at a lower temperature for longer
  • Chuck, Shanks, brisket, plat and flank
    • moist heat, braising, slow cook and BBQ
  • Rump and round
    • Roasting and grilling
  • Rib, short rib, short Loin, Sirlion
    • Roasting and grilling

ABOUT Coral Coast Beef

Coral Coast Beef is alliance between the family businesses of Avoca Farms (1978) and Fairville Beef (1995). The home farm is located on Australia’s Coral Coast near the twin towns of Dongara – Port Denison, not far from the famous wildflower trail to Mingenew and the Coalseam Conservation Park. It is the home of the breeding herd and production base for Coral Coast Grass-fed Beef.



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