The Coral Coast Grass-Fed Beef Concept

Coral Coast Beef provides high quality grass-fed beef at a fair price directly to discerning buyers who have increasing consciousness of nutrition and food security as well as concern for a sustainable environment and a high standard of animal welfare.

  • “If I understand its provenance, then I will be better informed about its nutritional value, its impact on the environment and the animal welfare and bsustainability aspects of production.” – anon
  • Craig and Kenny are fully invested in a programme of continuous quality improvement in their black angus breeding herd and are achieving vpleasing results yielding high quality grass-fed beef cattle.
  • Embracing the concepts of slow food and low food miles, purchasing beef on a carcass basis captures the nose to tail philosophy of minimizing waste and eliminating cherry picking of only the popular cuts.
  • Having decided to purchase grass-fed beef for its unique nutritional qualities of taste, flavor, higher omega 3, lower saturated fats, free of hormones and antibiotics, our customers need to be certain that the product provided is genuine.
  • Fair Pricing of authentic grassfed beef – because we control the whole pathway from breeding, rearing, backgrounding, processing and delivery, we are able to guarantee provenance and share prime quality grass fed beef from farm gate directly to you at fair prices.
  • Our online Shop provides options to purchase our farm direct beef in either bulk or retail portions.
  • Our Guarantee of grass-fed provenance is unique.
  • Sharing and saving – the economy of whole or part carcass bulk purchase can be shared among family or friends because of our vacuum sealed and customized packaging and easy store cartons.
  • An alternative is to buy smaller portions from our “Butchers Cabinet” and become familiar with the various cuts and cooking methods before committing to a bulk purchase.

ABOUT Coral Coast Beef

Coral Coast Beef is alliance between the family businesses of Avoca Farms (1978) and Fairville Beef (1995). The home farm is located on Australia’s Coral Coast near the twin towns of Dongara – Port Denison, not far from the famous wildflower trail to Mingenew and the Coalseam Conservation Park. It is the home of the breeding herd and production base for Coral Coast Grass-fed Beef.



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