the pathway to premium grass-fed angus beef

From the beginning....to now.

Coral Coast Beef is an alliance between the family businesses of Avoca Farms (1978) and Fairville Beef (1995). The home farm is located on Australia's Coral Coast near the twin towns of Dongara - Port Denison, not far from the famous wildflower trail to Mingenew and the Coalseam Conservation Park. It is home of the breeding herd and production base for Coral Coast Grass-Fed Beef.

Craig and Kenny believe that the provenance of food products is of critical importance to our customers. Ordering beef on a part-carcass basis directly from the farm gate enables traceability - a different way to ensure you genuinely receive the quality beef which has the attributes you desire.

Dongara's agricultural land, running parallel to Australia's Coral Coast, was historically developed for the production of wheat, sheep and the extraction of sandalwood on a vast scale. A large jetty was built at Port Denison in the 1860s to export wool, grain and flour.

The mode of transport servicing the region evolved with advances in technology. Shipping was replaced firstly by rail through to Geraldton, and then rail was later replaced by road transport. A vibrant lobster fishing industry now operates out of Port Denison and the jetty has been replaced by a modern marina and tourism is thriving.

At the Home farm, Craig discovered an alternative land use. He found that by replacing open croplands grazed by sheep with perennial grasses mixed with annual varieties, and re-establishing tree cover, a sustainable and productive farming system could be created for the production of high-quality grass-fed beef cattle.